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District Attorney
Bexar County, Texas
Money Received from Soros-Funded Groups:
$1.5 million
Next Election:

Meet Joe Gonzales

George Soros has spent about $1.5 million on electing Bexar County District Attorney Joe Gonzales. Spending just under $1 million in his 2018 Democratic primary and then $570,000 in his 2022 re-election campaign, George Soros has thrown his support behind Joe Gonzales in a big way.

It’s no surprise why. As Bexar County District Attorney, he’s used his office to promote refusal to prosecute pro-life laws, rejection of child protection laws, and expanding a cite-and-release system to avoid prosecuting theft and drug crimes.

Meanwhile, crime in Bexar County continues to rise, and convictions continue to fall. It’s no mystery why: Joe Gonzales cares more about playing left-wing politics than fighting crime.

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