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District Attorney
Los Angeles County, California
Money Received from Soros-Funded Groups:
Next Election:
November 2024

Meet George Gascon

George Gascon is the current District Attorney of Los Angeles and formerly the District Attorney of San Francisco. During his tenure in both cities, Gascon has left a trail of concerning issues. Disturbingly, his track record showcases a rise in violent crime and a string of controversies.

Gascon's background as a former police officer and chief of police spanning nearly three decades only amplifies the disappointment surrounding his cases as a district attorney. Critics have labeled him a "criminal-coddling caricature" of justice, highlighting his lenient approach towards offenders.

The situation in Los Angeles has reached a boiling point, prompting multiple recall efforts against Gascon. These campaigns gained significant traction, coming close to a vote. These drastic measures reflect the community's profound discontent and mounting fears, and when you see Gascon’s actions on cases, it’s not hard to understand why.

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