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District Attorney
Fort Bend County, Texas
Money Received from Soros-Funded Groups:
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Meet Brian Middleton

Brian Middleton has tried his hardest to portray himself as a moderate, fair prosecutor –– but moderate, fair prosecutors never receive $190,000 from George Soros.

Since winning his first election in 2018, Brian Middleton has quietly worked to implement his liberal, social justice agenda in Fort Bend County. Here’s how.

Brian Middleton Has Been Bad From The Start…

As the first Democrat prosecutor elected in Fort Bend County in over 25 years, Brian Middleton made it clear from day one that things were going to be different – and not in a good way. After firing 15 staff members, Middleton defended his decision by saying, “They were screened to see if they could adhere to policies that followed my philosophy.”

In other words, Middleton's personal agenda comes first –– and everything else comes last.

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